How to stop hair loss from Brazilian blowout

Brazilian blowout

Brazilian blowout is a semi-permanent method, which greatly simplifies the care of your hair. It is enough to brush your hair to make it look like after the salon. The method not only straightens, but also restores strands after coloring, bleaching and perms. The procedure has its disadvantages: chemicals are used for styling, the procedure is long, costs a lot of money, and must be repeated periodically.

What is Brazilian hair straightening?

It is not only a long-term styling, but also a full-fledged care. Care products contain keratin, a protein that is found in our hair. It is this protein that straightens curls and saves the damaged strands. Means for the Brazilian care contain silicones, which give a hair extra shine, as well as argan oil and other useful substances.

With the help of chemicals, the upper hair layer, the cuticle, is softened and keratin penetrates as deeply as possible. It also forms a film on the outside of each hair.

Many branded products add caring ingredients that also seep inside the hair. The heated iron seals the scales to retain keratin, silicones and other ingredients. This leaves strands smooth, shiny and smooth, with no fade or discoloration.

How keratin works

Keratin is the protein that makes up 90% of our hair. It imparts beauty, luster, and strength. Improper care, bad hairdressing, bad ecology, chlorinated water, sun and heat damage the protein compound. The strands become dull, unsightly, lifeless. Hair breaks and split ends. Some have a low keratin concentration that is genetically inherent.

Brazilian procedure corrects the situation. The formulations used for straightening contain a high dose of keratin. The substance penetrates into each hair strand and regenerates it from within. An outer protective layer is also created.

This strengthens the hair and improves the appearance of hair:

  • The strands become manageable, lie beautifully, don’t kink and don’t fly away from a gust of wind.
  • Hair becomes stronger, healthier, less split and fall out. Their thickness increases and hair becomes more voluminous.
  • Dyeing becomes more resistant – the keratin composition seals the dye and it does not wash out for a long time.
  • The hair dries faster, and styling is easier.

The difference between the Brazilian method and other methods of straightening:

  • High efficiency – unlike gelatin lamination, this procedure is suitable even for stiff, strongly curly and other problematic hair.
  • Convenience: after hair straightening you can go in for sports, lead an active life without returning to the problem of unruly hair. Iron, gel and polish do not give these results.
  • Therapeutic effect – other “hot” methods of straightening do not have a restorative effect.
  • Long term action. The result is much longer than after the iron, varnish, gelatin and traditional lamination.
  • Universality. Unlike the Japanese method, the Brazilian method is suitable for bleached and chalked hair.

What kind of hair will be helped by keratin straightening?

This procedure can completely transform some types of hair:

  • Thin – after keratin application, they thicken, become weightier and are much easier to style.
  • Thick hair is often too porous, which makes it break and split. Keratin composition seals pores and strengthens.
  • Thin soft curls – the method both straightens and weighs down the strands.
  • African curls – the compositions used change the hair structure, transforming fine curls into smooth, beautiful, shiny strands.
  • Dyed hair – keratin protects the dye and restores hair structures after dye application.
  • Bleached hair. Bleaching formulas have a detrimental effect on hair. Hair becomes stiff, dry, falls out, and split ends appear. Brazilian method will restore them and give shine.
  • Electrifying hair: its keratinous sheath reduces the static.
  • After a perm – if you did not like the permanent effect, you can return the hair to its original state with the help of keratin straightening.

How the keratin straightening procedure is performed and how long the effect lasts

First, the strands are combed and washed with a special alkaline shampoo. It softens the cuticle and opens the way to the useful substances inside the hair structures. Scalp is not affected, so that the alkali does not cause irritation. After washing, the hair is dried, combed and separated into strands. Then a special spray is applied to prepare the strands for the composition.

The straightening agent is poured into a special metal container and applied with a brush with short bristles to the strands. This is done carefully and gently to ensure that each strand receives a dose of keratin. The strands with the applied composition are dried with a hair dryer.

After drying, the keratin composition is fixed with hot irons:

  • The primordial, which is heated to a temperature of 180 degrees. With his help, the master lays the lower short “undercoat” near the roots.
  • The basic, heated to 230 degrees. It straightens the strands on the length. The silk nozzle protects from high temperatures. For a good result, each strand is ironed several times. Then the keratin will be reliably fixed.
  • The result lasts for 2-4 months. The procedure has a cumulative effect – with regular application the Brazilian style lasts longer.

How to extend the straightening effect

The hair straightening effect is easy to maintain. You just need to pay a little more attention to hair care:

  • Use gentle care products. Shampoos and conditioners should not contain parabens and sulfates, wash out useful substances.
  • Don’t overdo it in the bath or sauna. High temperatures are bad for keratin.
  • Wear a cap when swimming to protect hair from chlorine.
  • Only use a soft brush, combing hair from top to bottom.
  • You have to get your hair cut not earlier than three weeks after the session.

Is Keratin Hair Straightening Harmful?

Although chemicals are used for straightening, the procedure is harmless when using quality brand compounds. Serious manufacturers monitor the quality of straighteners, so the hair is not threatened.

Bad influence on the body only cheap counterfeit “Brazilian” means, containing formalin, ammonia, formaldehyde and lead. Such straighteners are popular in underground salons and home masters. Preparations of unknown origin cause skin irritation, allergies, respiratory tract damage, and can even lead to poisoning.

What you should pay attention to before visiting the salon

Trust the hair straightening only to professionals, working with branded compositions. Therefore, inquire about the experience of the specialists and the materials used.

Be sure to check the price list. Too cheap rates are a reason to be wary. High-quality straightening cannot be cheap. It is possible that the salon uses a counterfeit, or is staffed by unqualified professionals. The effect of such procedure will be short-lived, and the inexperienced specialist can ruin the hair.

The salon should employ masters that are fluent in the technique of Brazilian hair straightening and apply branded dyes, maximally sparing the strands. The qualified masters treat each strand carefully, so that each strand gets the necessary amount of keratin. This is the only way to achieve a long-lasting effect and minimize the risk of damaging the hair.

It is also necessary to pay attention to your health. The procedure has contraindications:

  • rashes, wounds and abrasions on the scalp;
  • fungal and microbial lesions of the head, face and neck;
  • allergy to components of preparations;
  • exacerbation of bronchial asthma;
  • severe hormonal malfunction;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • general malaise, poor health;
  • manifestations of colds – cough, runny nose, lacrimation;
  • fever;
  • oncology.

Pros and cons of Brazilian straightening


  1. Convenience – straightening allows you to take a break from gels, polishes and irons. On Internet sites you can read the satisfied reviews of those who have already done brazilian keratin.
  2. Quick and permanent result – the effect is visible immediately after the procedure and is long-lasting with proper care.
  3. Universality – Brazilian hair straightening is suitable for all hair types, regardless of thickness, length, or color.
  4. Protection from UV light, chlorinated water and other adverse factors.
  5. Naturalness – strands are not weighed down, creating a feeling of natural beauty.
  6. Efficiency – the formulations used tame even stiff curls and poorly styled, thin strands.


  1. The substances in the preparation can cause a temporary feeling of tightness on the scalp.
  2. Care becomes more difficult – only gentle shampoos can be used.
  3. There are problems with gray hair, which is difficult to dye.
  4. Duration of the procedure – treatment of large lengths can take several hours.
  5. Price – the procedure is not cheap.
  6. Limited duration of the effect – brazilian keratin needs to be repeated periodically.
  7. Despite the disadvantages, for many female clients Brazilian styling is the only way to get the desired hairstyle. This is an excellent method of restoring hair that has lost keratin protein.

This technique has pros and cons, but the advantages are much more. Although this method involves the use of chemistry, it is harmless than the constant use of a flat iron, allows you to strengthen your hair and makes it easier to take care of them every day.