Which hair dye does not cause hair loss

hair dye does not cause hair loss

Women have dyed their hair, dye it, and will never stop dyeing their hair. They go from brunettes to blondes, from redheads to ashes. This pace affects the condition of the hair, and not in the best way. Even regular use of restorative products in the majority of cases can’t eliminate all the damage caused by aggressive coloring compositions. To stop their harmful effects, it is necessary to completely abandon this type of dyes. But then what to do and how to solve this problem?

Cosmetic companies offer an alternative to ammonia dyes. These are safe products that do not affect the natural processes in the hair and scalp, do not destroy the structure, do not make the cuticle porous and vulnerable to negative environmental factors. The pigment penetrates deeply due to natural or innovative components in the composition, which help it stay in place for a long time. In addition, safe colors provide enhanced care. They moisturize, nourish, give shine and elasticity.

Gentle products can be used by allergic people and people with dermatological diseases, pregnant and lactating women. Tinting compositions allow you to change the image and do no harm. Dye sprays help make accents in the hair and are absolutely safe. What tool to choose, so that it was effective and at the same time did not contain aggressive chemicals, we will tell in our article.

Cream hair dye Kydra Nature

The first place is awarded to an effective gentle dye, which is widely used in salons and at home. It contains natural pigments that transform the process from a traumatic procedure into a spa treatment. The varied palette includes calm natural and stunning bright shades. The composition contains 80% of natural dye base and 90% of organic substances. It is absolutely safe, does not irritate people with allergic diseases.

The technologists of the brand have created a unique formula, which maintains the brightness of the color for a long time. This effect is provided thanks to micropigments derived from plants, which have dyeing properties. These are oak for the brown color, dyer’s dye for the gold color, campeshe wood for blue and purple, coreopsis for red, madder for red.

The dye is suitable for all hair types, but is especially recommended for fine, porous and weakened hair. It gives them volume, polishes the surface, removing the hair breakage, strengthens, restores the healthy shine. The product will appeal to fans of natural eco-friendly products that support the principles of prudent treatment of nature. It is possible to create any colors, mixing the shades and achieving exactly the result you expect.


  • stable phytopigmentation;
  • intensive nourishing and moisturizing;
  • beautiful basic shades and undertones;
  • safety for allergenic skin.


  • none identified.

BioKap Nutricolor hair cream dye

The second was a dye that does not contain ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, while providing permanent coloring in fashionable and natural shades. The increased concentration of herbal ingredients provides comprehensive care for the curls, making them healthy, smooth and shiny. They affect not only the appearance, but also restore the internal structure. Proteins of wheat, soy, oats and rice strengthen the strands. Fatty acids reduce the sensitivity of the scalp, protect it from all negative external influences.

Argan oil has long been considered a beauty elixir, so the manufacturer has included it in the formula, making the care more qualitative and professional. It is rich in vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that helps to postpone biological aging of hair and skin. The oil smoothes the surface and prevents splitting of the ends. It can quickly grow healthy, strong hair. Willow extract has the ability to prevent the effects of UV light.

Italian paint covers gray, softens stiff hair, eliminating the wig effect. It passes the strictest control for the content of harmful substances and is absolutely safe for your health.


  • 90% of the composition – natural components;
  • beautiful deep lasting shades;
  • high protective and nourishing effect;
  • natural UV filters.


  • were not revealed.

Tints of Nature permanent gel dye

Third in the ranking is a product that is suitable for coloring severely damaged hair. Its mild formula contains no parabens, resorcinol and ammonia and is gentle on the scalp. It contains up to 60% organic certified ingredients. The dye moisturizes overdried locks, eliminates hair breakage, fragility and elasticity. It contains vitamins of different groups, which provide nutrition and protection. The set includes shampoos for deep cleansing and ordinary shampoo, conditioner, activator and gel dye.

The formulation includes beneficial ingredients such as orange, chamomile, grapefruit and comfrey extract. They help to restore quickly the lost power of hair and increase its own protective barrier against aggressive influences of the environment. The consistency in the form of a gel makes the procedure easier and more comfortable. It doesn’t smell, doesn’t flow, and is well distributed on the strands.

Tints of Nature is known for its strong commitment to an ethical approach to nature. Its products are not tested on animals. All formulations are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The packages are made from recycled raw materials. According to the reviews, the paint gives the opportunity at home not only to get the desired color, but also a quality salon care.


  • patented effective components;
  • powerful restorative effect;
  • special formula for color protection;
  • ethical principles of environmental care.


  • have not been revealed.

Goldwell Colorance tinting hair dye

Goldwell colorant is the fourth position in the rating. It provides express toning of natural and colored hair, does not violate the natural structure, does not destroy the natural pigment, does not dry out and does not provoke brittleness. The acidic PH of the composition indicates a gentle effect. The product restores the level of lipids, accelerates regeneration. In the first days after tinting up to 35% of the damage is removed. The cumulative effect guarantees further influence on the metabolic processes and gradual improvement of the quality of the strands.

All shades of Colorance line are able to cover up to 75% of gray. There are 104 shades in the palette. The patented TRAP molecule provides brilliant shine and long-lasting color. The catalytic pigment distribution system gives even color regardless of the initial condition of the hair. A special protection technology helps to strengthen the cuticle and increase resistance to natural, mechanical, thermal and chemical influences.

Vitamins A, C and provitamin B5 are present in the formulation. Even severely tired dull curls are visibly transformed after a powerful nourishing support. Sensitive scalp tolerates the procedure well, while receiving everything necessary for the normal course of vital processes in it.


  • continuous color fastness;
  • multivitamin nourishing composition;
  • elimination of serious lesions;
  • more than 100 shades and the ability to mix and match.


  • none.

Green Light Tonality Soft Color BPA-free cream dye

On the fifth line is the product, the formulation of which is completely free of ammonia. Natural ingredients have replaced synthetic ones, and in addition to beautiful color the hair receives professional care. All formulations are environmentally and toxicologically tested. Safety and absence of irritating factors are documented. The unique formula makes it possible to cover up to 100% of gray hair in one go. Micropigments are delivered deep into the hair, providing retention of shade and shine.

The product is able to color natural or bleached curls up to 4 levels, which is not available to all bleach-free formulas. The Italian product was developed taking into account the wishes of masters and clients. It has an optimal consistency that does not drip and does not smell, well nourishes hair that requires extra attention. After the treatment there is a stable anti-static effect, allowing the style to always look flawless.

The customers are satisfied with the result and the delicate effect of the dye. It evens the tone of individual gray strands and covers completely gray hair, giving a natural shade. Dry curls are moisturized, nourished, protected from UV light, imperfect compositions of detergents, hard water and other factors affecting their quality.


  • natural safe base;
  • natural dense shades;
  • suitable for all types of gray hair;
  • active regenerating effect.


  • have not been revealed.

Kapous Professional Rainbow Direct Action Dye

The sixth on the list is a safe dye that you can constantly experiment with, dramatically change the image and not worry about the condition of your hair. It contains no hydrogen peroxide or ammonia, and it does not affect the natural processes at all. The ready-to-use composition can be applied immediately to the curls without pre-mixing the components. It gives juicy, on-trend colors that wash out smoothly. If the shade does not fit, it can be quickly neutralized. To add brightness to the color you like, just reapply the mixture for 15-30 minutes.

Oils and fruit acids strengthen and give additional protection against high temperatures, UV rays and mechanical effects. The texture is comfortable for the work of the master and for self application. It is plastic, not liquid, with good fixative properties. The scent is light and pleasant.

The Rainbow palette contains 7 bright colors: red, yellow, green, orange, blue, purple, fuchsia. The eighth color is a transparent one that enhances the existing shade and gives it a mirror-like shine. To get a bright tone, it is recommended to apply the dye to bleached hair. The manufacturer warns that the lower the level of bleaching, the less intense the color is.


  • to create a fashionable look;
  • the composition is ready to use;
  • additional nourishment;
  • enhanced protection from damage.


  • were not identified.