J. Hue "The Famous Barber"

J. Hue "The Famous Barber" J. Hue "The Famous Barber" J. Hue "The Famous Barber"

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Justin Hueston is the famous hair doctor in the USA. J Hue is the most famous barber in California that takes care of your hairstyle and offers the best solutions to all your hair related concerns. Among the Professional Barber in California, J Hue delivers you a variety of services to make you look stylish and cool. As a Barber Consultant in California, Justin Hueston puts emphasis on details and follows the best practices to meet your needs. The advice from the best Barber in Los Angeles, Justin Hueston is as impressive as its cuts. Now, stay connected with the Famous Barber in California to ensure you are getting the right services. 

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About Me

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My Background

I grew up in Oxnard, (southern) California and attended two local high schools. After graduation, I went to college in California and Alabama and ended up staying in the north Los Angeles area permanently. I have been working as a Cosmetologist/Barber & Trichology (hair health expert) professional for over 12 years now; I love it! I live with both of my wonderful children.

J Hue

My Career

First off, Hair is my passion as has been ever since I could remember. I am a California licensed cosmetologist and own two barber shops in the north Los Angeles area where I still work daily. I also work part time at my trichology office where I see clients for hair loss issues, scalp maladies, etc. Being a self employed professional and doing what I love makes my life easier than most. I thank the Lord for this opportunity.

Justin Hueston

My Hobbies

When I'm not at work, I really love to spending time with my family, watching pro & college football, & exercising. When the weather is nice, I go to the beach and often barbecue with my family. We try to take a weekend getaway twice yearly. Oh yeah, I love traveling too. Seeing new places and new faces does my heart justice.

Looking for a haircut to define your unique style? Justin Hueston is the place where your research for the best barber in Los Angeles ends. J Hue is also the famous barber in California that stylishly shapes your hair. He has gained the name of the famous hair doctor in the USA for a haircut and shaves. 

The haircut includes a variety of styles that uniquely defines one’s personality. With expertise and great experience, Justin Hueston, the professional barber in California, feels the pride to meet your unique style and needs.

If you are wondering how to find the most famous barber in California, don’t be shy to count on us. We are the barber consultant in California that offers top-notch services to offer you a satisfactory grooming session.

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