How to tie a man bun with short hair

man bun with short hair

How to make a man’s bun? When does it look good?  If you know how to make a man’s bun, this skill will come in handy for travel, the office and even going out on the red carpet. The versatility of this hairstyle has already been proven by actors Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kit Harrington.

The main reason for the increased interest in the male bundles among the owners of long hair and hair of medium length is the convenience, because this hairstyle allows you to open the face. 

The keys to style: how to make a cool bundle for men

Long-haired men and used to gather hair in bundles and ponytails. However, perhaps it was the representatives of modern hipsters and lumberjacks who paid mass attention to the trend.

What is the difference between the current man bun and the predecessors of bundles? First of all, it has a more stylish appearance and correctly selected styling products. In addition, a thick well-groomed beard is often a spectacular addition to the hipster bun.

Knowing how to make a masculine bundle, in fact, helps you in various situations. For a trip on a motorcycle or a trip to the club is suitable version with the effect of wet hair, for a working meeting – a neat low bundle with a minimum of styling products.

It is extremely important that the hairstyle “male bundle” was made on fresh hair. Unkempt greasy strands, not to mention dandruff, will destroy the whole meaning of this stylish image. 

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To tie a bun, as a rule, about 15 cm of strand length is enough. Man buns can be classic (in this case the bundle is collected all the hair on the head) and with shaved temples (top note). For top note (from the English top knot, literally “knot on top”) need long hair on top.

How to make a man’s bundle and grow hair for it

Hair style will look much more effective with a length of 15-17 centimeters. If before you had, for example, a short sports haircut, it will take about a year to grow hair.

To grow hair faster, you can use oils. Repei oil works especially fast. Yes, the process is time-consuming, but before making a man’s bundle, it is better to prepare.

Editor’s tip: For example, try applying “Repei oil 5 in 1” brand “Clean Line” on the roots of the hair, then rinse. Repeating this simple procedure as a course will strengthen the strands, enhance their growth and reduce hair loss.

How to make a man’s bun: a step by step instruction of 5 points

To make a male bundle, in fact, very simple. You need: shampoo, comb, styling agent, hair band. And maybe a pair of invisible hairpins, if you have thick hair. Describe the same step by step how to make a man’s bun.

1. Start by washing your hair, it is a must. Dry your hair with a towel and let it dry naturally. Gently comb the strands.

2. Next apply a styling product. A pea-sized amount of gel or paste should suffice.

Editor’s tip: If you’re a fan of visible shine and trendy wet looks, TIGI Bed Head Up Front is the right product for you. Apply a little bryolin to your hair before you go for a masculine bundle.

If you like a trendy matte and textured effect on your hair, wax-based products are the way to go.

Now tie the ponytail on top of your head and fix it with a small rubber band to match the color of your hair.

4. Twist the ponytail into a tangle and make a bun. 

5. Use an elastic band for a final hold. The man bun is ready!

How to make a man bun on short hair

In general, insufficient hair length is not a hindrance in making a man-bun. Create a man bun on short hair is possible if at least one zone of the hairstyle has long enough strands. For example, you can make a small bundle out of long bangs, a Mohawk.  However, if you are determined to make a full-fledged male bundle and wear it regularly … Well, you will have to grow your hair.

How to make a male bundle on short hair? Of course, modern haircuts with elongated bangs absolutely do not interfere with the collection of strands on top.

How to make a bob with shaved temples

Haircuts with shaved temples and an elongated zone of the crown are quite possible to make a male bundle. To make a bob with shaved temples, you can use the above five-step instructions. Perform the hairstyle on clean hair and securely fix your man ban with an elastic band and bobby pins.

Hopefully, you have now figured out how to make a man-bun at home and are ready for even more daring experiments.