How to line up a beard

line up a beard

You can get a flawless trim on your mustache and beard by going to a barbershop. But going to the master every week is a tedious task. It is recommended to trim the vegetation on the face weekly on your own and once every 2-3 months to go to a professional.

How often to trim

The timing for trimming the beard is individual and depends on the speed of hair regrowth. Hormonal background, nutrition, skin diseases, stress, bad habits influence the growth of stubble. 

How to choose a beard shape

Careful choice of the beard type will help to make facial features and body proportions harmonious. 

Main rules

For tall people will suit thick long beards. Owners of medium height will look perfect with neat lines, slightly protruding behind the chin. Those who are not tall, the short versions will be suitable.

Men with a blond hair type will suit longer beards, while dark-haired men will be fine with short and straight beards.

The choice of haircuts on the shape of the face (you also need to consider the recommendations on the growth and color of the hair):

  • on an oval face, you can grow a beard and mustache of any shape, with the exception of elongated ones; 
  • triangular head shape requires a broadening of the chin, a circular or square haircut will fit the outline perfectly;
  • bushy beards are suitable for a diamond-shaped face with wide cheekbones;
  • round-faced men should emphasize the chin line with a short form of stubble;
  • Smooth shaved skin or short stubble would be ideal for a rectangular face with wide cheekbones.

Vegetation can also hide flaws on the face, hide scars or remove the beveled chin. 

General hair cutting technique

Before you cut the vegetation, you need to prepare it for this procedure:

  • Wash the hairs with warm water using a special shampoo. 
  • Dry with a soft towel. It is not recommended to use a hair dryer.
  • Thoroughly comb the beard and mustache.
  • Trim the beard and mustache at home only in good light. You will also need two mirrors: a large and a small one. Hair, depending on the type, can be trimmed with scissors, trimmer, machine.

Cutting with scissors

Cut evenly, without traumatizing the hair, it is possible only with professional tools. Simple manicure scissors do not work. To fix and raise the hair, use a special comb with densely arranged teeth.

Order of work:

  • The haircut begins from the temple and is directed to the lower jaw. 
  • To control the process, you should constantly comb the hairs with a comb. 
  • Start cutting the mustache from the center and move towards the edges. 
  • The neck is best trimmed last.

Haircutting with a machine

First of all, you need to choose the necessary length of hair nozzle. 

Cutting technology:

  • The haircut begins from the temple to the chin. 
  • For better symmetry, the shape should be smoothed alternately on the right and left side.
  •  The mustache can be trimmed with a special attachment from the central part to the corners of the mouth. You should also support them with a comb to get an even line.
  • The hair on the neck should be smoothed at the end of the procedure.
  • After completion, the machine should be cleaned of hair residue to prolong the life of the machine.


Properly and easily make a haircut at home will be obtained with the help of a trimmer. Slow and smooth movements remove the excess length along the line of hair growth.

The trimmer is always held at one angle, pressing lightly on the skin. At the end create an even trim, removing the bristles left along the borders of the trimmer.

Adjusting the beard at home

Maintain an even contour, trim the ends and shave the edges every 5-7 days. Before you cut your beard, wash, dry and comb your hair.

Long versions of beards are better to cut with scissors. Short haircuts are easier to trim with a machine or trimmer.

Hair grows at varying rates. Orient the timing of the haircut by the fastest growing areas. 

Care tips from barbers

To maintain the chic appearance of the beard, you must:

  • Rinse your hair after eating;
  • Shampoo your hair at least three times a week with a special shampoo;
  • Use conditioner to soften the hair;
  • Moisturize the skin with special creams;
  • Use professional tools and take care of them properly;
  • Straighten your hair before you cut it.
  • Proper care of facial hair will allow you to maintain an attractive appearance for longer and less frequent visits to masters.