What does long hair say about a man

long hair say about

Our hair is the most important element of our appearance. And while you’re thinking about your style, clothing or demeanor, it’s your hair that can say a lot. Today you will learn what the length of your hair can tell you about your character. This test can be considered superficial, but you should agree that we don’t just choose a particular hair style. Let’s start with the girls.

A short haircut

At this hairstyle dare not every member of the fair sex. If you are among them, then, we can say that you are a strong, independent and self-confident girl. Ladies with a short haircut behave boldly and know their worth in working circles.

A bob-cut haircut

A girl with this haircut knows what she wants. Always tells the truth, even if those around her don’t like it. She is able to find a balance between work and personal life. If you have such a haircut, then you are probably organized and able to solve several problems at the same time.

Hair down to the shoulders

This length is considered the most common among girls. The golden mean between short and long hair. Usually such girls are elegant and happy with their appearance. They do not need to prove something to someone, which means they are confident and charismatic. Usually people are attracted to your confidence and they want to get to know you better.

Long and very long hair

Usually girls dream of such hair, otherwise salons around the world would not offer such a service as extensions. If a girl decides to have long hair, it is a dreamy, romantic and vulnerable nature.

If you chose this style of hair, rather than it chose you, you are an extremely confident man. You like to keep everything under control and get very nervous if something has gone wrong. Usually almost bald and bald young people have a good sense of humor. However, they take themselves seriously and don’t like jokes in their direction. You are thorough and know that everything has its time and place, and you are considered a faithful support for loved ones.

Short hair

This length is the most popular among men. Usually guys with this length of hair are cheerful, sociable love to have fun, can be a little lazy, but if something interests you, there is no stopping it.

Medium length

Usually men with this length of hair like to be the center of attention, like to flirt and do not like a serious relationship. You just live in the present and enjoy life. You always have a lot of interesting stories in stock, love to travel and don’t sit still.

Long hair

Long curls for women – a familiar phenomenon. They indicate femininity, unpredictability. Straight hair also indicates that its owner is open, straightforward, relaxed, and has a realistic outlook on life. The girls who perm their hair are characterized by romanticism and creative thinking. This nature is passionate and spontaneous.

Hair gathered into a high ponytail, indicates an exaggerated self-esteem. And gathered in a low ponytail – about an excessive seriousness. Love for braids is characteristic for reserved, goal-oriented, calm women.

The long hair of men also indicates a creative personality. But here there is one nuance: they can be infantile and detached from reality.

Hair Color

Natural hair color shows that a person is satisfied with his life, he is open and self-sufficient. Dyed hair is a desire for change, self-expression.

By nature blondes are more open, soft, sensitive, compassionate, and balanced people. This is true for both women and men. Black-haired women conceal a mystery. They are strong, passionate and determined. Brunettes men have high ambitions and desire to realize them at any cost. The owners of red hair are usually open, cheerful and easy-going. However, in every rule there are exceptions.

Common traits

There are signs that characterize the personality regardless of the length and color of hair:

  • Girls with a slight mess on the head are usually passionate about some ideas, they care little about the condition of their hair;
  • Girls with complicated hairstyles do not attract men;
  • Asymmetrical hairstyles indicate uncommonness, self-seeking, a desire to be the center of attention.

Choosing a haircut or hairstyle, people in most cases do not have a goal to tell about their character. But in order to change the character, sometimes you just need a new image.