How to comb a beard

comb a beard

To create the perfect neat look, you need to know how to properly comb and care for your beard and mustache.

Barber Tips

In the realm of facial aesthetics and the art of beard styling, practitioners known as barbers possess the knowledge and expertise to artfully adorn the verdant growth on the countenance of men, deftly maneuvering the comb through its intricate strands.

Allow me to share some valuable counsel from these seasoned professionals:

  • Maintain the Form: The initial shaping of the beard should be entrusted to skilled hands, and thereafter, vigilantly upheld. This process demands unwavering commitment. A lack of a well-defined, aesthetically pleasing contour imparts an air of negligence and dishevelment upon its wearer. Employing a beard stencil can be invaluable in rectifying this predicament.
  • Invest in a Trimmer: A specialized apparatus, known as a trimmer, serves as an indispensable tool in the cultivation of facial foliage. Regular employment of this contrivance aids in refining the edges of the beard, ensuring precision and finesse.
  • Length Adjustment: When the facial vegetation attains a substantial length, the careful employment of scissors and combs becomes imperative. These essential implements, often available in specialized kits, facilitate the desired outcome. A beard template featuring a collection of five distinct nozzles provides a range of options, affording the opportunity to select the most suitable alternative.
  • Drying Techniques: Similar to the hair adorning the scalp, the luxuriant growth on the chin necessitates proper cleansing. A mild soap suffices for a concise beard. Upon completion of the aqueous ritual, the subsequent phase involves judicious air drying. Methodically traversing from top to bottom, following the natural flow of the hair, ensures optimal results.
  • Beard Coloring: It is a fallacy to presume that dyeing the beard will incur its ruination. To exude an appearance of refinement and elegance, the mature gentleman should consider embellishing his facial adornment with carefully chosen hues.
  • Don’t Neglect the Mustache: The upper lip’s distinctive growth possesses an idiosyncrasy—it exhibits uneven development. Mere combing alone fails to suffice. Procuring a set of specialized small scissors, readily available in beard grooming kits, enables one to bestow a dignified allure upon the mustache.
  • Embrace the Allure of Ruggedness: In the contemporary landscape of style, rugged masculinity stands as an ever-evolving trend. This aesthetic can be effortlessly achieved by teasing the beard, imparting a subtle sense of disarray. However, caution must prevail, for excessive zeal may lead to an unbecoming appearance.
  • Let these invaluable insights guide you on your journey towards facial sophistication, as you unlock the potential of your beard’s allure.

What to do with curly or frizzy hair

How do you brush a beard with curly hair? You can do it with the help of special tools or cosmetic products. But the best result is achieved if they work in tandem.


For any bearded man, a special comb or brush is an obligatory toilet accessory. For combing the curly beard, its owner should spend from 15 to 20 minutes every day.

If you do it in the right way, the hairs gain the right direction and begin to stretch out. It is not superfluous to accompany combing with stroking with the palms of your hands.

Only a wooden comb is used, as the contact with synthetic materials magnetizes the hair and dries it.

Smoothing comb

For a curly beard there is one special tool, which is called a curling iron. Its size is such that even short hair on a man’s face is treated with it.

The beard is pre-washed with a softening shampoo, treated with balm or oil.

Only after that, layer-by-layer stroking of the hair in the direction of its growth is performed. At the end of the procedure, the styling is fixed with varnish or spray.

Means for straightening

Hair that has been subjected to heat treatment, needs cosmetic care.

For curly hair, use special creams and pomades that provide a strong degree of fixation. For curly hair, it is recommended to use gels and pastes with a medium level of fixation.

Waxes of a solid consistency have proven themselves well. If they are applied correctly, the hair is weighted down and begins to straighten under its own weight. A variety of balms and oils are used to maintain proper fat balance and oiliness.

Direction Matters

Which way a man’s stubble grows is determined by genetics. But not every man is willing to put up with it. And with some effort the mistake of nature can be corrected. It is necessary to begin with the choice of an effective method and the rigorous implementation of all its requirements every day. It is impossible to achieve a positive effect without regularity.

Even if the side in which the vegetation tends to be very annoying, do not immediately shave it off. You will have to tolerate about two weeks, accepting the fact that while the beard grows, the face will look unkempt.

We wait for the hair to gain weight and start laying down in the right direction. The reliability of this method is not very great, but it does not require much effort.

There are several recommendations from connoisseurs of the beard business who have faced this problem:

  • The hair does not need to be washed every day. This procedure removes the natural oils, the presence of which makes the beard docile.
  • Once, or better, twice a week combine combing with the use of a special conditioner. The latter makes the hair docile and manageable.
  • The beard can be taught to grow to the right place. To do this, comb it daily for about 20 minutes in the right direction.
  • This method is the reverse of the previous one. The washed hair will lose some oil and become tougher. Then it is combed in the wrong direction until it is completely dry. After that the comb is moved to the right side, smoothing it with wet hands. This allows you to give the hair lushness and make it more manageable.
  • To give the hair the right direction you can use a special soap. This allows you to completely remove the natural grease, the hair will become lush and make it possible to correct irregular areas.

Tools to facilitate combing

Beard of any kind, even if it is curly, is necessarily combed at least once a day.

To make this procedure a breeze, hair conditioners should be used. They make combing easier and nourish the hair.

For extra care, bearded men use aromatic essential oils:

  • They make the hair silky and shiny.
  • A pleasant scent comes from the beard.

If the oils are chosen correctly, the hair will not fall out when using them, and due to the aromatic essence the work of the brain is stimulated and the body’s resources are replenished.

The beard is a stylish decoration of the man’s face. It is not difficult to grow it. But to give it a decent look and its support will have to allocate a certain amount of time every day. In addition, you will have to buy cosmetic products and supplies, as well as learn how to use them correctly. However, the result is worth the cost.