How to fix a patchy beard

patchy beard

Why does my beard unevenly? And how to fix a patchy beard? These questions are asked in all kinds of forums about the beard, in articles on the Internet, in doctors’ offices. And this for a reason. The problem is quite common among men with hair. Another problem is associated with a lack of growth, and this situation also indicates certain health problems.

Do not despair, sometimes everything is not as bad as it seems. Uneven and poor growth of vegetation can be associated with serious problems, as well as with trivial errors in lifestyle, improper facial care. About this in more detail.

Why the beard grows unevenly

The reasons that directly affect the uneven growth of the hair cover, sometimes lie on the surface. In rare cases, they may involve serious disorders throughout the body. What can irregular growth mean?

  • you notice that the mustache grows faster than the stubble;
  • the chin area is covered unevenly, with gaps in the skin visible somewhere;
  • hair is not growing in places on the cheeks;
  • there are spacers.

Everything seems fine, but sometimes there are problems with the growth of stubble.


Is your beard not growing properly? Pay attention to your ancestors: your father, grandfather, another close relative in your family line. If they didn’t shine with luxurious hair or if their beards grew unevenly, chances are high that you inherited this undesirable effect.

Some men don’t have any hair follicles on the chin side of their face at all. That is why they do not have a possibility – whatever they do – to wear a beard. Genetics is a serious and undeniable thing.

Young age

Adolescence, when puberty has not yet completed, puts certain restrictions on the growth of vegetation:

  • at this time, instead of stiff bristles, the hated soft fuzz appears.
  • the bristles may grow, but in shreds.
  • sparse tendrils break through.

These problems are solved with the attainment of puberty, a little patience is needed. Why does this process begin earlier in some people? The fact is that each body is different and develops in its own sex schedule.

Delayed Puberty

When puberty is delayed, there is also an absence or uneven growth of stubble. This is associated primarily with hormones, or rather with a lack of them. Discuss this problem with a specialist, he will hold a consultation and examination, prescribe a qualified treatment. The maximum period of reaching puberty is 25 years.

Testosterone deficiency

Lack of the male hormone, testosterone, leads to poor or uneven stubble growth. Testosterone in the body sends signals to the hair follicle, and it begins to grow if there is not enough of it, hence the opposite reaction. Can I do hormone therapy on my own? Absolutely not!

Improper Lifestyle

What does an improper lifestyle include?

Improper eating and drinking. Eating a diet that lacks vitamins and micronutrients disrupts important metabolic processes that deprive the vegetation of essential vitamins. Lack of water in the body deprives the hair of oxygen, which is necessary for growth. Fast food, sugary sodas, fried, very salty and spicy foods clog the body and thin the bristles.

A sedentary lifestyle that excludes sports. It is known that overweight appears due to an inactive lifestyle, improper diet. In the body of a man, female hormones begin to dominate, displacing testosterone.

Bad habits. Overuse of alcohol (especially beer), taking drugs, tobacco. Hair growth is slower or occurs in shreds due to the harmful components of the above mentioned products.

Vitamin deficiency

Vitamins are the building blocks of our body. If there are not enough bricks in the walls during the construction, the appearance of the house suffers, and subsequently such a structure may fall into disrepair. Deficiency of biotin, protein, fiber, omega 3, vitamin A leads to hair problems.


A stable emotional state is the key to health. People who constantly experience stress, nervous tension and psycho-emotional turmoil are more prone to abundant hair loss.

Damage to the skin from improper shaving

Improper shaving with a blunt razor and without aids such as foam or cream can damage the structure of stubble. This leads to irregular growth in some places.

Other causes: autoimmune diseases, skin diseases, improper care, long-term medication, Down syndrome, age-related changes.

What to do if your beard grows unevenly

How to grow a beard if it grows unevenly?

  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Use vitamins and medications.
  • Use masks, compresses and massages.
  • Take good care of your skin.
  • Exercise.
  • Eliminate bad habits and stress.
  • Get enough sleep.

Why does my mustache grow faster than my beard? To determine the exact cause, it is necessary to visit a trichologist, but such a strange trend can also be influenced by the factors described above.

Proper nutrition

One important step is to watch your diet. Eliminate fried, spicy, and very sweet foods. Variety your diet, it must have vitamins such as: A, E, omega 3, B vitamins. Minerals: magnesium, iron, calcium, selenium, as well as protein and fiber.

What foods to emphasize in the daily diet?

  • Meat and meat containing products.
  • Dairy products.
  • Vegetables and fruits.
  • Sea fish.
  • Cereals and cereals.

Products best retain nutrients in a raw, boiled or baked form.


Massage, as a means to stimulate the growth of stubble, is a free home therapy, performed by the best master, that is you. The procedure helps to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, thus there is an awakening and renewal of regenerative processes.

It has no contraindications and can be performed every day for ten minutes. It is enough to put a couple of drops of the useful oil for hair growth on the tips of your fingers and rub in circular motions in the area where the bristles grow badly. As a preventive measure, it will not be superfluous to rub on healthy areas as well.

It is important to perform the procedure in a clean and dry beard. If the vegetation is not cleansed, there is a possibility that germs will get in with the oil and cause even more problems, such as festering. If the beard is wet, the water will buy the oil and the procedure will be less useful.

An element of massage can also be considered a regular combing of the beard, for this it is better to use a special wooden comb (the natural material will not damage the hair or electrify). There are even techniques of combing the beard:

Accustoming the hair to proper growth: combing the hair in one direction every day for 10-15 minutes.

Comb against the growth of hair: this technique makes the hair fluffy and manageable. Essence: after water treatment to scratch the beard against the growth, as soon as it dries on the growth.

Proper Beard Care

Proper care of the beard includes the following points:

  • Daily hygiene with the use of special shampoos, conditioners, balms.
  • Regular trimming of the beard using competent, working tools.
  • Brushing and stimulating massage.

Uneven stubble growth can cause a lot of anxiety and put you far away from your goal of growing a gorgeous stubble. There are many options to help overcome this obstacle. Don’t let hardship take away from the pleasure of wearing a well-groomed beard.