Why is my beard itchy

beard itchy

Beard itchy is one of the most common problems beards face. Many men try to get rid of it by shaving, but before grabbing a razor, it’s worth understanding the causes of the unpleasant sensation and finding out why the beard itches. In many cases, it will go away on its own, or you can do something about it with a simple at-home remedy. Perhaps the measures taken will help remove the discomfort and maintain a beautiful beard without drastic trimming.

Why the beard itches: common causes

Most often, the reason why the beard itches, is associated with the growth of vegetation. Previously, when a man was actively shaving, he removed the stubble with blades that cut the hairs at a certain angle. That is, their tips became sharp. Once the shaving process was stopped, each hair began to actively grow, bend and come into contact with the skin, causing it to prickle, itch and cause an irritating itch.

The neck is one of the most scratched areas when growing hair. A man is constantly turning his head throughout the day, and this causes the hair to further damage the skin with its prickly tips. As a rule, the skin usually itches in the second or third week from the beginning of growing. You can minimize the time of discomfort by speeding up hair growth. Follow this link to find out what to do and how to grow a beard quickly.

If the area of an already grown beard is itchy, the reasons for the discomfort may include the following:

  • Increased sweating – with too thick a beard, the skin begins to sweat intensely, which causes irritation, fungus and bacteria development.
  • Lack of hydration – a frequent reason why itchy beard. The problem is associated with a lack of sebum produced by the glands near the roots of the hair follicles. The beard does not allow the production of sufficient sebum, which leads to drying of the skin and the appearance of unpleasant itching.
  • Improperly chosen cosmetic products – if you wash your hair with ordinary soap and ignore special beard products, dryness is unavoidable. The skin begins to dry and flake, causing a man’s itchy beard.
  • Lack of hygiene – when the beard itches, the problem can be caused by dust and dirt that accumulates on the hairs throughout the day. If you do not take care of your vegetation and do not remove dirt in a timely manner, the skin begins to itch and cause discomfort. In our article, you can learn in detail how to care for your beard at home.
  • There are also many more serious reasons why the skin under the beard itches. These include dermatitis, diabetes, blood diseases, psoriasis, hives, allergic reactions. In such a situation, it is better to find out why the skin itches and what to do with an itchy sensation, with the help of qualified medical specialists.

What a man should do so that his beard does not itch

If you have itchy bristles, it is a good reason to take measures to eliminate the itching. Unpleasant sensations are always a sign of skin problems that need to be eliminated in a timely manner. There are many simple ways to get rid of discomfort. If you have just started to grow hair, it is enough to just wait for it to grow out. What to do in other situations? Cosmetic products, oils, haircuts or shaving your beard can help here.


If a man doesn’t spend enough time caring for his beard, an itchy sensation is inevitable. To get rid of the problem, it is worth thoroughly washing the hair and removing all accumulated dirt from it. Washing will help remove not only dirt, but also dead skin particles that can lead to irritation.

Considering why the skin itches and what to do when it itches, note that it is desirable to wash the beard every other day. If you use soap or shampoos more often, the skin will not have enough natural fat, which envelops the hairs. If you happen to get any dirt on your hair right after washing it, just rinse it off with clean water.

Beard Conditioner

Those who do not know what to do so that the beard does not itch, you can advise a water-based conditioner or balm. Such a product is good for nourishing the skin, helping to soften it and maintain the natural moisture level in the hairs. As a result, the hairs become smooth, silky, the skin does not itch, and the beard is less tangled and looks better groomed.

Cosmetologists recommend using only those conditioners that are designed specifically for the beard. Explaining what to do if your chin itches, we note that the composition of such products includes a carefully selected set of components, designed for use on rigid vegetation. If you need to treat the beard area, and you do not have a specialized product at hand, you can temporarily use an ordinary hair conditioner.

Soothing and moisturizing masks

As discussed above, a common reason why the chin itches is irritation from damage to the skin from sharp hair tips. What can I do if it itches? To soothe the skin, you should use soothing masks that contain herbal ingredients. For this purpose, remedies made on the basis of the following ingredients will be suitable:

  • oak bark;
  • parsley;
  • cucumber;
  • olive oil;
  • apple cider vinegar.

If you are not satisfied that your beard is itchy, additionally the skin should be moisturized from time to time. To this end, a moisturizing balm or lotion is used, which saturates the hairs with enough moisture. Telling you why the skin itches and what to do when itching, it should be mentioned that such funds not only moisturize, but also give the hairs the necessary softness, removing unnecessary prickliness.

Oil for the beard

A good way to soften overdried skin is beard oil. Its use has many beneficial effects on the skin:

  • eliminates peeling, itching;
  • It speeds up hair growth;
  • protects against sunlight, cold temperatures;
  • removes keratinized parts of the epidermis;
  • Makes hair more manageable and tidy.

If you don’t know what to do with oil, just use a few drops of this product daily. Apply them to your hair and distribute them evenly over the entire surface of your beard and mustache. Finish by combing the vegetation with a comb. Our article can tell you in more detail about how to use oil for the beard.


In the case when the above measures do not help, you can resort to cutting the hair. If the beard itches because of the sharp ends, they can be cut, using a trimmer or scissors. Find out what a trimmer is at this link. Many men try to remove prickly hairs with a razor, but the stubble grows back over time and becomes just as prickly. As for the trimmer, its blades make a smooth cut, so the irritation disappears.

During the haircut, you can simultaneously give your beard a certain shape. If the hair is already quite grown out, it will not be difficult to cope with the creation of a hairstyle. To understand how to choose the shape of the beard, we suggest going to the article on the link.

When cutting the beard, it is necessary to remove loose and protruding hairs, which give an unkempt appearance. It is also important to pay special attention to the contour, because the neatness of the hairstyle depends on it. To learn how to use a beard trimmer for edging, read the link in our article.


The most radical way to get rid of the itch is to shave. If you have an itchy beard, you can use looms or an electric razor to completely part with the vegetation. Before taking that step, consider the pros and cons of shaving, and consult our article on how to get a good beard.

Sometimes, if the skin is itchy, with a very thick and long beard, you can get by with a trim. There are a large number of attractive short haircuts that are perfect for many men. In particular, at the link we explain in detail how to make a beard espagnolo.